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Eleanor “Bunny” Butler Alexander-Roosevelt (1888-1960), philanthropist and wife of Theodore Roosevelt Jr.  

Although wives of US servicemen were forbidden from joining their husbands overseas during World War I, Bunny followed her husband France where she ran a YMCA canteen (1917).  She also designed the uniform worn by YMCA canteen workers.

Bunny co-founded the Soldiers’, Sailors’, Marines’, Coast Guard and Airmen’s Club which offers low cost accommodations in New York City for current and former US military personnel (1919).

Bunny organized the first American women’s committee for China Relief (1937) and directed the American Red Cross Club in England during World War II (1942). 

A keen photographer, Bunny developed her own prints and after her death, her scrapbooks were donated to the Library of Congress by her daughter.  

from Rebel in a Dress by Sylvia Branzei, illustrated by Melissa Sweet.

Got a wonderful email from a woman- here is the part about Kit and a part about her daughter who read Rebel in a Dress

 ”I work with a new digital publication called One Thing New (see www.onethingnew.ocm). In the past I’ve also written for Redbook and Glamour and you used one of my articles on Kit Deslauriers as a source for her profile in “Rebel in a Dress.”

I wanted to convey a great story about my 10-year-old daughter and your book. She brought it home from school one day, started reading and then came running up to me, “Mom! Mom! There’s a women in this book who skied down Mt. Everest!” I said, “I know who that is. I interviewed her.” “Wow, really mom!. That’s so cool. It must be really great to be a writer.” Then later that day she came to me and said, “I want to set a world record.” She’s very athletic so she really related to the women you picked for your adventurers.”

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