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from Rebel in a Dress by Sylvia Branzei, illustrated by Melissa Sweet.

Got a wonderful email from a woman- here is the part about Kit and a part about her daughter who read Rebel in a Dress

 ”I work with a new digital publication called One Thing New (see www.onethingnew.ocm). In the past I’ve also written for Redbook and Glamour and you used one of my articles on Kit Deslauriers as a source for her profile in “Rebel in a Dress.”

I wanted to convey a great story about my 10-year-old daughter and your book. She brought it home from school one day, started reading and then came running up to me, “Mom! Mom! There’s a women in this book who skied down Mt. Everest!” I said, “I know who that is. I interviewed her.” “Wow, really mom!. That’s so cool. It must be really great to be a writer.” Then later that day she came to me and said, “I want to set a world record.” She’s very athletic so she really related to the women you picked for your adventurers.”

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